Integrated Geodynamic Earth Models

Im am part of a group of researchers working on the Development and Application of a Framework for Integrated Geodynamic Earth Models. Our goal is to create three-dimensional, integrated geodynamic reference models for the Earth above the core-mantle boundary, that can then be used for the accurate forward simulation of the Earth state on time scales of millions of years. Constraining the Earth’s present-day state heavily relies on seismic observations, and I am particularly interested in how we can use our knowledge about the Earth’s variable mineral grain size to infer the temperature distribution in the Earth’s interior from these observations.

other projects

Other Projects

I work on a wide range of topics that can be addressed with geodynamic modeling techniques, using the ASPECT software. This includes: Numerical methods for lithosphere dynamics and mantle convection, the interactions between mantle plumes and mid-ocean ridges, the role of mineral grain size in mantle dynamics, accurately modeling mantle phase transitions, the accuracy and scalability of particle methods in geodynamic models, and how global mantle flow and subducting slabs influence the location and properties of mantle plumes.

I wrote my PhD Thesis on the interaction of subducted slabs and plume generation zones in geodynamic models.